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The Technical Services Laboratory (TSL) is a division of MGA Research Corporation (MGA), which has specialized in offering testing services and products to a global market for over 27 years.  The purpose of TSL is to make all MGA resources and expertise available for assisting diverse customers with design qualification/verification, product development, first article, in-process, and final inspection test services across an industrial market (e.g. commercial, military, aerospace, aviation, medical, automotive, etc.).

The mission of the TSL is to employ the decades of experience and expertise our personnel have accrued, as well as the facilities and resources of MGA, to cost-effectively and efficiently provide desired "answers" to your testing needs, when you require them.  Should these services require fixtures, custom equipment or software, MGA can provide the resources in-house with no outside subcontracting, under our Quality system.  Thus, customers receive expedited service, and only pay for activities directly related to their tests, minimizing any non value-added design or fabrication costs.

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Technical Services Laboratory

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